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About Us

Many Hands Many Meals, previously known as Kids Against Hunger, was founded in 2004 when a small group of women were seeking a local opportunity to help fight global hunger crisis. Many Hands Many Meals is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit volunteer-driven organization committed to inspiring, engaging, and educating people, starting with our children, by packaging life-saving meals that ease world hunger.

Our Approach

Many Hands Many Meals has been fighting hunger around the world and around the corner by leveraging hundreds of volunteers to pack at least 550,000 meals a year. The food - a balanced mix of soy, rice, vegetables and vitamins - brings relief to those affected by wars, natural disasters, and systemic poverty.

MHMM believes that anyone can make a difference. Our food is packed by volunteers of all ages—kids too! Our volunteers are students, Scout Troops, businesses, families and individuals. Through our program, volunteers learn about hunger and how it affects communities around the world. Then they do something about it!

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"It was very fun packing all those meals for the people who don't have food. You feel good feeding people who can't feed themselves."

— Alexander T., Student Volunteer